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Seasonal Tire Change in Burlington, Ontario

It's time to get your summer tires installed.

Let's get this summer started!

Our winter tires helped us get through those snowy winter months. Now it's time to get your winter tires off. We recommend changing to your warm-weather tires in April or May.

Tires with summer and winter rims
Full Tire Changeover

If you have one set of rims and two sets of tires, we will:

  • Remove your off-season wheels from your vehicle,
  • Unmount the tires from your rims,
  • Remount your second set of tires to your rims,
  • Balance each wheel,
  • Install them onto your vehicle.
Set of tires and rims
Tire Swap

If you have two sets of rims and two sets of tires, you will not need to have your tires unmounted/re-mounted to/from your rims. In that case, we will:

  • Remove your off-season wheels and tires from your vehicle,
  • Balance each wheel,
  • Install your second set of wheels and tires onto your vehicle.

We always balance your wheels to eliminate vibration, improve ride comfort, and increase tire longevity.


Convenient tire storage for your off-season tires

RS Auto Clinic will store your off-season tires until your next changeover so you never have to worry about transporting your tires to and from the shop. Your tires are stored safely and securely in our dry, climate controlled storage area inside our shop. Please enquire about pricing for storage, as there is limited space available.

Phone call icon Hands-free semi-annual tire change program

How it works:

Sunny road in summer
snowflake icon


When the outside temperature approaches 7°C, we will install your winter tires and store your summer or all-season tires.

Sunny road in summer
snowflake icon


After the last snowfall, it's time to remove those winter tires. Your second set of tires/wheels will be ready for you in our shop.


Seasonal tire change system

Hands-free system includes tire change, balancing, and storage. We take care of everything. No more lugging tires around!

Professional tire inspection

We check tire condition and tread depth to prevent problems before they occur, and inflate your tires to proper specifications.

High-precision wheel balancing

Your wheels are accurately balanced with our computer-assisted balancer. Reduces vibration and prevents uneven tire wear.

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*Taxes extra. Most vehicles.

RS Auto Clinic Awards

Voted #1 Best Tire Sales & Services in Burlington!

Thank you for voting for us in the Burlington Post Readers' Choice Awards for nine years in a row! In 2023, RS Auto Clinic won diamond awards for Best Auto Service Centre, Best Brake Service & Repair, Best Muffler & Exhaust Services, Best Oil / Lube Change and Best Tire Sales & Services. Ron Snell and Martin Brady also received diamond awards for Best Auto Mechanic/Technician and Best Auto Service Advisor respectively.

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"Love this place to get my winter tires put on! Ron is extremely professional and considerate. Highly recommended."

Five stars

- Suzanne Watkinson November 6, 2016


RS Auto Clinic is a family-owned and operated auto repair shop in Burlington. As a small, family-owned local business, we are able to offer great rates and personal service with a smile. Ron is a licensed technician with over 25 years of experience. We take pride in being your full service auto repair shop you can trust.